How to Make a Bike Seat More Comfortable

Have you ever returned from a cycling trip only to be met with an aching bottom? If you’ve experienced this discomfort, you’re not alone. Bike seat discomfort is a common issue among cyclists, often deterring them from fully enjoying their ride. If you have ever had a similar problem and want to know how to … Read more

Core Workout For Cyclists – 8 Exercises For Pain-Free Riding

Core workout for cyclists? Why should I do that? My legs are strong enough.. You might think that all you need for cycling is strong legs since your weight rests on the saddle, and you exert power with your legs. However, to avoid lower back pain, stabilize your pelvis in the saddle, maintain control while … Read more

Protein for Cyclists: How Much, Why, and What Sources

Protein for cyclists and other endurance athletes, it is particularly crucial. Understanding how much protein to consume, why it’s essential, and what the best sources are can help optimize your performance and recovery. Do endurance athletes have an increased protein need? [1] Yes, endurance athletes like cyclists typically need more protein than sedentary individuals or … Read more